July 3, 2012

SKE48's Wakabayashi Tomoka Announces Her Graduation

It’s been reported that SKE48 Team KII’s Wakabayashi Tomoka will be graduating from the group in late-July.
This was announced on July 2nd towards the end of Team KII’s performance, ‘Ramune no Nomikata‘, at SKE48 Theater in Aichi. Regarding her graduation, Wakabayashi commented, “Recently, I’ve been 50/50 with both my studies and my work as SKE48. The work in SKE48 is fun, but just because it’s fun, I thought, ‘is that okay?’. There are a lot of research students in SKE48 doing their best to become regular members. The moment I wondered about my light feelings within the group, I knew it wasn’t okay to be half-way.
The exact date of Wakabayashi’s graduation has not been announced at this time.
Wakabayashi passed SKE48’s 2nd generation auditions in spring of 2009. After her activities as a research student, she joined Team KII in December of the same year. During last year’s AKB48 Janken Tournament, Wakabayashi won in SKE48’s preliminary tournament and advanced to the main tournament at Nippon Budokan.

Announcement Video:

Source & Image: natalie

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