July 3, 2012

Former AKB48 member Yonezawa Rumi announces her new agency via Twitter

Former AKB48 member Yonezawa Rumi has announced her new agency through her official Twitter account.
She wrote, “I’m ready to report something I’ve been wanting to tell everyone☆ First, I would like to announce my agency. I now belong to M’s enterprise☆.
Yonezawa left AKB48 back in January when her private photos were leaked on the internet. As her contract ended in March, she was forced to shut down her official blog that she was actively updating for 2 years. Now that she belongs to a new agency, Yonezawa’s new official blog is currently under construction. It’s scheduled to launch in the middle of this month.
Yonezawa also revealed her goals saying, “From now on, I would like to do my best while focusing on my acting career.

Source & Image: Cinema Today

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