January 23, 2013

AKB48’s Kawaei Rina holds her 1st solo event

On January 19th, AKB48’s Kawaei Rina held her first solo event, ‘Kawaei Rina: Gachi Oshi Matsuri‘, at AKB48 CAFE & SHOP AKIHABARA.
Kawaei held a quiz tournament and handshake event with fifty lucky fans. She declared, “I want to do my best and strive towards getting into the senbatsu.
Kawaei mentioned Shimazaki Haruka when asked who her rival is. She said, “Recently, Shimazaki-san has been working vigorously, so in order not to lose, I have to do the same.”

Source & Photos: Sanspo

AKB48’s ‘Unit Matsuri’ & ‘Request Hour’ available for live stream in their entirety

As announced previouslyAKB48 will be holding live events “Unit Matsuri” and their annual “Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013” in January, and it was announced on AKB48 Theater manager, Togasaki Tomonobu’s Google+, that they would live stream those event through AKB48’s official YouTube channel.
Last year, only the final day of the “Request Hour” was available for a live stream, but this year, you can check the whole event, as well as the “Unit Matsuri” live event!
Below are the schedules for the live stream.
“Unit Matsuri”
January 23rd starting at 6:30 PM (JST) via AKB48 Official Channel! (http://www.youtube.com/user/AKB48)
“AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 2013
January 24th ~ 27th starting at 6:00 PM (JST) via AKB48 Official Channel! (http://www.youtube.com/user/AKB48)
Image: natalie

AKB48 looks back on the year of 2012 with their new documentary film

On January 21st, premiere screening for AKB48’s newest documentary film “DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN Shoujo tachi wa Namida no Ato ni Nani wo Miru?” was held at TOHO Cinemas Roppongi Hills in Tokyo. The 8 AKB48 members (Takahashi MinamiOshima YukoShinoda MarikoKojima HarunaItano TomomiMinegishi MinamiKitahara Rie,Yokoyama Yui) and the director Takahashi Eiki made their appearances at the stage greeting for the documentary film that detailed covers AKB48’s activities in 2012.
The members greeted the audience, “I did not expect that this many people would come. I think it’s not so easy to go watch idol movies, but thank you for coming today. (Oshima)”, ”I cried many times watching this movie. I want every one of you to feel something through this as well. (Itano)”, “Since I forgot a lot of things recently, it was great that the movie reminded me about the year of 2012. (Kitahara)”
The director Takahashi also said, “2012 was the year that so many things happened for AKB48, so it was such an enormous work to summarize it into 2-hour movie. I’m relieved that it’s finished in time.”
Regarding their first live concert at the Tokyo Dome held back in last summer, which will also be shown in the film, Takahashi (Minami) commented, “Even now, it still feels like that might have been a dream. At first AKB’s official blog was titled as ‘Tokyo Dome made no Kiseki (lit. ‘The tracks to the Tokyo Dome’)', and we could not even fill up the seats at the theater in Akihabara, but after 7 years, we were able to stand on that stage. It is the treasure in our lives.” Shinoda, who was appointed as the new captain of team A during the first day of the Tokyo Dome concerts, said about the time, “I remember I doubted at first as I thought ‘It must be a joke. No way!’ I was always watching Minam by her side, and I had no dignity and responsibility as a captain, so I was full of uneasiness that night. Although it is working as a new team now, I am still faced with what it is to be the captain.”
About Maeda Atsuko’s graduation from the group, Kojima expressed her thought, with, “When Acchan was about to start talking (after the Saitama Super Arena live concert), I felt that she was going to announce her graduation, and I was wishing for her not to say that. I think even the audience had the similar atmosphere on that day, but Acchan’s face expression while making the announcement looked great.” She then continued, “It makes us so nervous when we stand in the center. Even the view looks different from usual, and you can’t just say a word. So, I still feel that Acchan is magnificent.” Oshima also shared her thought, “It is like Maeda Atsuko has her own position, while Oshima Yuko has her own position…and the spotlights happened to play on Oshima’s position, for example. I think that the center position itself is moving around, and the position where the spotlights are turned on by chance is the center, rather than that the center position exists in a certain spot.”
When Minegishi was asked about her tears she shed at the Maeda Atsuko’s graduation stage, she answered, “Even though I wrote ‘I will not cry’ on the first calligraphy of the year, I think I cried the most among all the members. The happiness to be able to come that far to the Tokyo Dome, the sadness that Acchan was graduating…it was the first time for me to shed tears with mixed feelings like that.”Yokoyama also said, “There were many types of tears in the film, like tears when you send people off, or tears you shed when you are disappointed. I felt that people shed tears in general for any kinds feelings.”
Regarding the several ways of graduations happened in 2012, Takahashi commented, “There were so many farewells during the year. Some were happy graduations, and there were also many regrettable things, but no matter what happens, there is always tomorrow. So after sending the graduated members off, we just have to hang in here.” In the end of the stage greeting Takahashi told the audience, “This time, the film features mainly the center position and the second chapter of AKB48. In 2012, we have shed many tears. After watching this film, I noticed that the view each member is looking things at is different, and there is also a difference in colors and in meanings for each of our tears. I’m not sure what we would see after shedding the tears, or if the decisions we make would be right. However, no matter what happens, tomorrow will always come. In order for us to be able to smile as many times as we shed tears, we will continue trying our best.”
It was announced that the theme song for the film is “After rain” in which 21 members from AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48, JKT48, and SNH48, participated. The 21 members are as follows: Itano Tomomi/Oshima Yuko/Kashiwagi Yuki/Kitahara Rie/Kojima Haruna/Shinoda Mariko/Shimazaki Haruka/Takahashi Minami/Minegishi Minami/Yokoyama Yui/Watanabe Mayu/Ishida Anna/Matsui Jurina/Kotani Riho/Watanabe Miyuki/Sashihara Rino/Ota Aika/Takajo Aki/Nakagawa Haruka/Suzuki Mariya/Miyazawa Sae
 “DOCUMENTARY OF AKB48 NO FLOWER WITHOUT RAIN Shoujo tachi wa Namida no Ato ni Nani wo Miru?” will open in theaters on February 1st.
Source & Image: natalie

January 17, 2013

AKB0048 Next Stage ep 02

Artist : AKB48
TV Anime : AKB0048 Next Stage 02
Performance/OA Date : 2013.01.12

AKB0048 Next Stage ep02

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Short PV for SKE48’s “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” revealed

The short PV for “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi“, which is one of the coupling tracks for SKE48’s upcoming single “Choco no Dorei” (to be released on January 30th), has been released on their official YouTube channel.
“Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” is a graduation song that Akimoto Yasushi wrote for the 9 members (Kuwabara MizukiTakada ShioriHiramatsu Kanako, Yagami KumiAkaeda RirinaOgiso ShioriUeno Kasumi, Hara Minami, and Kobayashi Emiri) who recently announced their graduation from the group this spring, and the song will be included in Type-A, B, and C.
Check out the short PV for “Sore wo Seishun to Yobu Hi” by “Tabidachi Sotsugyou-gumi” below! You can also check other short PVs for the upcoming single here.

Source & Image: natalie

January 16, 2013

AKB48’s Kobayashi Kana rumored to be in a relationship with former Johnny’s

Rumors have been spreading across the web that AKB48 member Kobayashi Kana is in a relationship with a former Johnny’s actor.
The rumor spread on January 13th when a convenience store worker tweeted that Kobayashi came to the store with a man who is said to be her boyfriend. This tweet became a controversy among fans and Kobayashi herself came to know about it. She denied the rumors saying, “I was surprised when I woke up and checked Twitter! I don’t even have a Sunkus (convenience store) near my home. Even though it’s false information, thank you for worrying about me.
The convenience store worker received many complaints from Kobayashi’s fans and closed the Twitter account, but the uproar didn’t end there. Another friend of the worker refuted Kobayashi’s tweet and insisted that the reports weren’t lies. Regarding the man said to be her boyfriend, the friend disclosed that he’s a former Johnny’s actor.
Kobayashi continued to deny the rumor with, “You can write anything.” She even showed composure saying, “I’m happy that my name was mentioned,” and “This is nothing out of the ordinary if it were a more famous person.” However, there is still a stir among fans as Kobayashi and her rumored boyfriend have tweeted and blogged about similar things at same timing in the past.
Kobayashi joined AKB48 back in 2006 along with members Oshima YukoAkimoto Sayaka, andKasai Tomomi.
Source & Image: RBB Today via Yahoo! Japan

HKT48 to release their debut single on March 20th

It was announced that AKB48’s hakata-based sister group HKT48 will be releasing their debut single that is currently untitled, on March 20th. The oldest member of the group, Sashihara Rino eagerly said, “The date has finally been set. I want people all over Japan to know the charms of HKT48!
They are the 4th group out of the AKB groups in Japan to make their major debut. AKB48 was first in October of 2006, SKE48 followed in August of 2009, and NMB48 was third in July of 2011. They’re also the youngest group to debut with an average age of 14.9 years old.
The debut single will be released in 3 versions; Type-A, B, and C, and each version will come with a DVD.
With the announcement of their debut single release date, it was also announced that one of the tracks in the single “Onegai Valentine” has been chosen as the CM song for Lotte’s “Ghana Milk Chocolate.”
The 2nd generation Kenkyuusei, Tashima Meru commented, “I am so excited that our long-cherished CD debut has been set! I want many people to know about HKT, and with our youthfulness and freshness, I hope we can show a different color from other 48 groups.” The center of the group Kodama Haruka also spoke about the CM tie-up, “I’m really happy! I want many people to listen to the song, including those who want to confess your love on the Valentine’s day.

Source & Image(s): Oricon

January 12, 2013

Check out the details on AKB48’s 30th single “So long!”

AKB48 will be releasing their 30th single on February 20th, and now more details on the upcoming single have been revealed!
The title of the 30th single is “So long!“, and it’s said to be a soft and heartwarming song with the theme of graduation.
There will be Type-A, K, and B, as well as a theater edition.
You can check out the details for each edition below!
AKB48 30th single “So long!” February 20th 2013 on sale
1.So long !
2.Waiting roomUndergirls
3.RubyShinoda Team A
4.So long ! off vocal ver.
5.Waiting room off vocal ver.
6.Ruby off vocal ver.
1.So long ! Music Video
2.Waiting room Music Video
3.Ruby Music Video
4.The 2nd KB48 Kohau Taikou Uta Gassen ~Summary~
1.So long !
2.Waiting roomUndergirls
3.Yuuhi MarieOshima Team K
4.So long ! off vocal ver.
5.Waiting room off vocal ver.
6.Yuuhi Marie off vocal ver.
1.So long ! Music Video
2.Waiting room Music Video
3.Yuuhi Marie Music Video
4.The 2nd KB48 Kohau Taikou Uta Gassen ~Red Team Digest~
1.So long !
2.Waiting roomUndergirls
3.Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane?Umeda Team B
4.So long ! off vocal ver.
5.Waiting room off vocal ver.
6.Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane? off vocal ver.
1.So long ! Music Video
2.Waiting room Music Video
3.Soko de Inu no Unchi Funjaukane? Music Video
4.The 2nd KB48 Kohau Taikou Uta Gassen ~White Team Digest~
5.Sugar Rush Music Video
<Theater Edition>
1.So long !
2.Waiting roomUndergirls
3.Title UnknownKenkyuusei
4.So long ! off vocal ver.
5.Waiting room off vocal ver.
6.Title Unknown off vocal ver.
Source & Image: Oricon + AKB48 official blog

January 11, 2013

Kodansha postpones the release of “Young Magazine” next issue due to a photo of AKB48’s Kasai Tomomi

On January 11th, Kodansha announced that they postponed the release of their weekly manga magazine “Young Magazine“, which was supposed to be released on the 12th, as there was an inappropriate photo on a page.
According to the announcement, they’ve decided on the postponement since the photo on the advertising article for AKB48 member Kasai Tomomi’s upcoming photo book was “socially unacceptable as it would give unpleasant feelings to its readers.”
The photo that has become a problem was that of a boy covering Kasai’s bare breasts with his hands, and the photo is said to have been planned for use as the cover of the photo book.
Reportedly, they will replace the page that the photo was printed on, and release it on the 21st.
Source: Sanspo
Image: Kodansha

Itano Tomomi wants to get her driver’s license this year

On January 11th, AKB48’s Itano Tomomi attended a new CM press conference for ‘Goo Kantei‘.
For this year’s goal, Itano declared that she will get her driver’s license and her own car. “I will obtain my license, get a Hummer, and be able to drive it,” she said.

She continued with a smile, “If I’m going to ride a Hummer, I want to dress casually, like in denim pants.” As a campaign for this CM, Itano produced a jersey, which will be used in a free giveaway. When the MC of the event asked, “Why don’t you wear it (the jersey) during your drive?” She responded, “That would make me a rural yankee.
The CM will air in the Metropolitan area starting January 17th.
Source & Photos: Oricon

Details on NMB48’s first album revealed

NMB48 will be releasing their 1st album titled “Teppen Tottande!” on February 27th, and after the group’s theater performance on January 9th, more details on the album have been revealed.

There will be four editions for the album; regular editions Type-N, Type-M, Type-B that come with a DVD that has different contents, and a theater edition.

Reportedly, the album will have about 15 ~ 16 tracks including their previous 6 singles, 7 new songs, as well as their ever-popular songs.

You can check out the details on each edition below!

- Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
- Oh My God!
- Junjo U-19
- Nagiichi
- Virginity
- Kitagawa Kenji
- Seishun no Lap Time
- NMB48
- HA! (NMB48 Ver.)
- Boku wa Matteiru
…and more
1. Title Unknown (Music Video)
2. NMB48 Kinki Concert Tour ~Minasan, Chapu Chapu Shimasho~ @ ORIX THEATER on August 21st 2012 (team-N, team-M)

M1 overture (NMB48 ver.)
M2 Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
M3 Flying Get
M4 Nandeyanen, Idol
M5 Minasan mo Goissho ni
M6 Hatsukoi no Yukue to Play Ball
M7 Nage Kiss de Uchiotose!
M8 Waruki-
M9 End roll
M10 Tengoku Yaro
M11 Itoshiki Natasha
M12 Migi e Magare!
M13 Doryoku no Shizuku
M14 Yakusoku yo
M15 Yokosuka Curve
M16 Kobushi no Seigi
M17 Nagiichi
M18 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
M19 Oh My God!
M20 Junjo U-19
M21 Seishun no Lap Time
M22 Boku no Uchiage Hanabi
M23 Virginity
M24 NMB48

- Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
- Oh My God!
- Junjo U-19
- Nagiichi
- Virginity
- Kitagawa Kenji
- Seishun no Lap Time
- NMB48
- HA! (NMB48 Ver.)
…and more
1. Title Unknown (Music Video)
2. NMB48 team-N Osaka Juban Shoubu @ ORIX THEATER on May 3rd 2012

M1 overture (NMB48 ver.)
M3 NMB48
M4 Aitakatta
M5 Renai no Speed
M6 Uso no Tenbin
M7 Blue rose
M8 Rider
M9 Shinkirou
M10 Kinjirareta Futari
M11 Waruki-
M12 Jungle Gym
M13 Mattemashita, Shingakki
M14 Boku ga Maketa Natsu
M15 Tsuki no Katachi
M16 Virgin love
M17 Korogaru Ishi ni Nare
M18 Beginner
M19 Chance no Junban
M20 Ponytail to Shushu
M21 Heavy Rotation
M22 Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
M23 Oh My God!
M24 Junjo U-19
M25 Mikazuki no Senaka
M26 Nandeyanen, Idol
M27 Nagiichi
M28 Boku wa Matteru

- Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
- Oh My God!
- Junjo U-19
- Nagiichi
- Virginity
- Kitagawa Kenji
- Seishun no Lap Time
- NMB48
- HA! (NMB48 Ver.)
- Boku wa Matteiru
…and more
1. Title Unknown (Music Video)
2. “HA!” Complete Version
*Cast members*

Ogasawara Mayu
Kato Yuuka
Kotani Riho
Kondo Rina
Jonishi Kei
Shimada Rena
Shiroma Miru
Tanigawa Airi
Fukumoto Aina
Yabushita Shu
Yagura Fuuko
Yamada Nana
Yamamoto Sayaka
Yoshida Akari
Yokoyama Yui
Watanabe Miyuki
-Special Guest-
Takeuchi Riki
Ishino Yoko

[CD only]
- Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo
- Oh My God!
- Junjo U-19
- Nagiichi
- Virginity
- Kitagawa Kenji
- Seishun no Lap Time
- NMB48
- Boku wa Matteiru
…and more

Source & Image: Oricon + NMB48 official site

19 works from AKB48 simultaneously rank on Oricon’s ‘TOP 100′ weekly album chart

The 19 works includes 18 of their “studio recordings collection” released on January 1st and their “1830m” album released back in August 2012.

11 of the “studio recordings collection” also ranked in the TOP100 the week before due to pre-orders, and following the official start of album sales, 18 have made it into the ranking.  The top ranking work is the “Team B 3rd Stage ‘Pajama Drive’” album at 17th place.

TOP100 Ranking Records:

1. AKB48 – 19 works (1/14/2013)
2. Michael Jackson – 16 works (7/20/2009)
2. The Beatles – 16 works (9/21/2009)
4. Ishihara Yujiro – 13 works (8/31/1987)
4. Matsuda Seiko – 13 works (8/17/2009)

AKB48’s 19 works and rankings:
No. 17 (up from 31)    Team B 3rd Stage “Pajama Drive”
No. 22 (up from 43)    Team K 4th Stage “Saishuu Bell ga Naru”
No. 27 (up from 46)    Team A 4th stage “Tadaima Renaichuu”
No. 30 (up from 59)    Himawari-gumi 1st stage ”Boku no Taiyo”
No. 31 (up from 58)  Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage ”Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai”
No. 37 (up from 70) Team K 6th Stage “RESET”
No. 40 (up from 71) Team A 6th Stage “Mokugekisha”
No. 43 (up from 72) Team B 5th Stage “Theater no Megami”
No. 47 (up from 77) Team A 5th Stage “Renai Kinshi Jourei”
No. 52 (up from 81) Team K 5th Stage “Sakaagari”
No. 53 (up from 88) Team B 4th Stage “Idol no Yoake”
No. 60 (up from 79) 1830m
No. 73 (up from 115)  Team A 1st stage “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo”
No. 83 (up from 119)  Team B 2nd stage “Aitakatta”
No. 84 (up from 126) Team A 3rd stage “Dare ka no Tame ni”
No. 85 (up from 129) Team K 3rd stage “Nonai Paradise”
No. 88 (up from 132) Team A 2nd stage “Aitakatta”
No. 91 (up from 125) Team B 1st stage “Seishun Girls”
No. 93 (up from 142) Team K 2nd stage “Seishun Girls”

Source and Image: Oricon

January 9, 2013

SKE48 reveals the short PVs for their upcoming single

SKE48 will be releasing their 11th single titled “Choco no Dorei” on January 30th.
Recently, some of the short version music videos for the single including the title track have been revealed through their official YouTube channel.
“Choco no Dorei”

“Darkness” (Seven Dancers) *to be included in <Type-A>

“Bike to Sidecar” (14 Carat) *to be included in <Type-B>

January 8, 2013

SNH48 – Heavy_Rotation

Artist : SNH48
Single : Heavy_Rotation
File size : 45.25 MB


PV SNH48 – ヘビーローテーション

ダウンロード Download







The winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2013″ revealed

The winners of “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2013” have been revealed.
The ‘Japan Golden Disc Award’ is headed by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ), and the RIAJ initiated this annual event in 1987 to recognize outstanding artists and works that have contributed to the recording industry.
The winners are chosen based on the actual sales number of music software (deducting the number of the returned goods from the number of shipped goods), as well as the number of downloads through paid online distribution, Chaku-Uta, and so on. The winners for this year were chosen from data compiled from November 1st, 2011 to October 31st, 2012.
The “Artist of The Year” awards are considered to be the ‘grand prize’ for “THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD.”
Check out the winners of this year below!
• AKB48 (Japanese)
• Che’Nelle (Western)
• Yuki Saori
• Nogizaka46 (Japanese)
• One Direction (Western)
• B1A4 (Asia)
- BEST 5 NEW ARTISTS (Japanese)
• Ieiri Leo
• A.B.C-Z
• Sexy Zone
• Nogizaka46
- BEST 3 NEW ARTISTS (Western)
• Alexandra Stan
• Hot Chelle Rae
• One Direction
• IU
• B1A4
• Usuzawa Misaki
• “Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro>” – Mr.Children (Japanese)
• “Believe” – Che’Nelle (Western)
• “Super Girl” – KARA (Asia)
- BEST 5 ALBUMS (Japanese)
• “1830m” – AKB48
• “ALL SINGLES BEST 2″ – Kobukuro
• “Mr.Children 2001-2005 <micro>” – Mr.Children
• “Mr.Children 2005-2010 <macro>” – Mr.Children
- BEST 3 ALBUMS (Western)
• “¡Uno!” – Green Day
• “Believe” – Che’Nelle
• “Living Things” – Linkin Park
- BEST 3 ALBUMS (Asia)
• “Super Girl” – KARA
• “Just Crazy” – Jang Keun-suk
• “BATTLE NOTES” – →Pia-no-jaC← × Hakase Taro
• “Little Broken Hearts” – Norah Jones
• “Strings Of My Soul” – Matsumoto Takahiro
• “‘Persona 4 The Golden’ Original Sound Track” – Persona 4
• “‘Bakemonogatari’ Ongaku Zenshu Songs & Soundtracks” – Bakemonogatari
• “Dai 48 Kai Columbia Zenkoku Ginei Concours Kadaigin Nanten” – Nippon Columbia Ginei Ongakukai
• “Manatsu no Sounds good!” – AKB48
• “Ue kara Mariko” – AKB48
• “UZA” – AKB48
• “Gingham Check” – AKB48
• ”Manatsu no Sounds good!” – AKB48
• “Love Story” – Amuro Namie (Japanese)
• “Believe” – Che’Nelle (Western)
• ”PAPARAZZI” – Shoujo Jidai (Asia)
• “Happiness” – AI
• “Love Story” – Amuro Namie
• “Yasashiku Naritai” – Saito Kazuyoshi
• “Believe” – Che’Nelle
• “Tatoe Donna ni…” – Nishino Kana
• “ARASHI LIVE TOUR Beautiful World” – Arashi (Japanese)
• “EXILE LIVE TOUR 2011 TOWER OF WISH ~Negai no Tou~” – EXILE (Japanese)
• “The Monster Ball Tour At Madison Square Garden” – Lady Gaga (Western)
• “1969″ – Yuki Saori & Pink Martini
Source & Image: THE JAPAN GOLD DISC AWARD 2013 official site

16 senbatsu members for Nogizaka46’s 5th single revealed

On the January 6th broadcast of TV Tokyo’s ‘Nogizaka tte, Doko?‘, the 16 senbatsu members forNogizaka46’s upcoming 5th single was announced.
During the senbatsu announcement for their previous single, “Seifuku no Mannequin“, memberAkimoto Manatsu’s return and the formation of ‘Hachifukujin‘ became a hot topic. For their upcoming single, the 8 members of ‘Hachifukujin’, which include Akimoto, Ikuta ErikaIkoma Rina, Sakurai ReikaShiraishi MaiHashimoto NanamiHoshino Minami, and Matsumura Sayuri, will remain in the senbatsu.
In addition, Ito NeneInoue SayuriTakayama KazumiNakada KanaNagashima SeiraNishino NanaseFukagawa Mai, and Wakatsuki Yumi has been chosen to make up the back row.
Nakada was a senbatsu member for Nogizaka46’s 3rd single, “Hashire! Bicycle“. This will be Ito and Nagashima’s first time in the senbatsu.
Source & Image: natalie

The title of Takahashi Minami’s solo debut song revealed

The title for AKB48 member Takahashi Minami’s solo debut song has been revealed to be “Jane Doe.”
As announced earlier, the song will be used as the opening theme song for upcoming drama “Saki” starring Nakama Yukie (start airing on January 8th). It’s a ballad rock with the lyrics written from a man’s point of view that he can’t resist falling in love with one woman even after being disrespected, deceived by her, and losing everything.
The title “Jane Doe” represents a woman like “Saki” (played by Nakama) who acts like a righteous woman, but is actually a wicked woman that destroys men around her.
“Jane Doe” is scheduled to be released this spring.
Source & Image: Oricon

January 6, 2013

12 AKB48 works simultaneously rank on Oricon’s ‘TOP 100′ weekly album chart

12 works by popular idol group AKB48 have simultaneously ranked on Oricon’s latest ’TOP 100′ album chart for the week of January 7th .
Until now, the best record for the “number of albums ranked simultaneously on the TOP 100″, for a female group, was 5 works. Both Candies (in 1978) and KARA (in 2011) achieved that record.
However, to have over 10 works simultaneously ranked on the ‘TOP 100′ f0r any female artists, including solo artists, has only been accomplished by Misora Hibari (12 albums) and Matsuda Seiko (13 albums). Thus, AKB48 is but the 3rd female artist to obtain this achievement in Oricon’s 46-year ranking history.
The 12 works include 11 albums from their “studio recordings collection” released on New Year’s day. 19 albums in total were released, (the release day of『Team 4 1st Stage「Boku no Taiyou」』has been postponed to 1/22) which included recordings of the set lists from their theater performances. The 12th work is their latest album “1830m“, released in August 2012.
Below find a list of the titles of the 12 works and their ranking:
No.31『Team B 3rd Stage「Pajama Drive」』
No.43『Team K 4th Stage「Saishuu Bell ga Naru」』
No.46『Team A 4th stage「Tadaima Renaichuu」』
No.58『Himawari-gumi 2nd Stage「Yume wo Shinaseru Wake ni Ikanai」』
No.59『Himawari-gumi 1st stage「Boku no Taiyo」』
No.70『Team K 6th Stage「RESET」』
No.71『Team A 6th Stage「Mokugekisha」』
No.72『Team B 5th Stage「Theater no Megami」』
No.77『Team A 5th Stage「Renai Kinshi Jourei」』
No.81『Team K 5th Stage「Sakaagari」』
No.88『Team B 4th Stage「Idol no Yoake」』
Source & Image: Oricon

January 5, 2013

AKB48’s Fujie Reina hosts live event, ‘Idol Hatsumode’

On January 3rd, AKB48’s Fujie Reina hosted the live event, ‘Idol Hatsumode‘, in Tokyo. While wearing a pink kimono, she excited the crowd by holding talk sessions with idol groups such as Up-Up Girls (tentative), YGA, Alice Juban, and Naaboudoufu@nana.
After the event, Fujie commented, “It was difficult because it was [limited on time], but I learned from it.” In idol group nanoCUNE, there was a member still in elementary school. ”She was so cute, I wanted to make her my little sister. I want to make her my sister more than my AKB48 juniors,” Fujie joked. She continued, “I’ve always liked idols, so it was a very ’self-profit’ event. During lessons, I often wear the Up-Up Girls’ t-shirt I received from my fans.
Aside from the above mentioned idol groups, Party Rockets, Dorothy Little Happy, Dancing Dolls, SanMyu~(β), Negicco, and Hime Kyun Fruit Can also participated in the event.
Source & Image: Nikkan Sports

January 3, 2013


Artist : SKE48
Photo Book : ヤングチャンピオン 「SKE48 SPECIAL PHOTO BOOK」
Release Date : 2013.01.14


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File size : 8.44 MB (12 images)







January 2, 2013

JKT48 – 君のことが好きだから

Artist : JKT48
Single : 君のことが好きだから
Release Date : 2012.12.23

Release Information

JKT48 – 君のことが好きだから

JKT48 – 君のことが好きだから taken from type 02 of 04 promotional CDs distributed.
Track/MP3 List
1. 君のことが好きだから
Genre : Pop
Bitrate : 320kbps
File size : 9.03 MB

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NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版

Artist : NMB48
DVD : NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版
Release Date : 2012.12.25

NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版

Release Information

NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 1

NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 2

NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 3

NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 4
本場! ? 大阪仕込み
今、時代の波に乗り、バラエティ番組からも引っ張りだこのNMB48が「なんば女学院 お笑い部」として大阪仕込みのトークを炸裂させます。
笑いの波はさらに大きくなっていきます。ドラマ内で行われる大喜利では、NMB48メンバーの実力が試され、番組最後には、お笑い部2人による本気の漫才も披露します! !
そんな『NMB48のげいにん! 』のDVD化が決定! 山本彩、渡辺美優紀、山田菜々らNMB48メンバーの芝居やバラエティ、お笑いの才能が披露される番組本編全12話に加え、
メイキング映像、スピンオフ企画などDVDオリジナル映像特典も盛りだくさん!! ファン必携の豪華封入特典も同梱予定。人気沸騰NMB48のパワーを味わい尽くせる、

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NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 1

File size : 3.6 GB (255×14 + 86.39 MB)


1 http://filepost.com/files/2m56b92a/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.001
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3 http://filepost.com/files/bf99d4ma/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.003
4 http://filepost.com/files/2ec9bc8d/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.004
5 http://filepost.com/files/ecc94mdc/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.005
6 http://filepost.com/files/f6c412m9/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.006
7 http://filepost.com/files/2m68d887/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.007
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9 http://filepost.com/files/539e5bab/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.009
10 http://filepost.com/files/4d1ce114/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.010
11 http://filepost.com/files/a7f6d3fd/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.011
12 http://filepost.com/files/83f869bc/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.012
13 http://filepost.com/files/28m2a62b/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.013
14 http://filepost.com/files/bdd7m6d5/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.014
15 http://filepost.com/files/49f53716/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_1.ISO.015


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NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 2

File size : 3.6 GB (255×14 + 128.97 MB)


1 http://filepost.com/files/f74b1932/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_2.ISO.001
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NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 3

File size : 3.6 GB (255×14 + 113.75 MB)


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NMB48 げいにん! DVD-BOX 初回限定豪華版 Disc 4

File size : 7.6 GB (255×30 + 115.89 MB)


1 http://filepost.com/files/86cb6dd5/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.001
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31 http://ryushare.com/a186b919919/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.031


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5 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036494/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.005.html
6 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036506/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.006.html
7 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036542/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.007.html
8 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036556/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.008.html
9 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036583/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.009.html
10 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036599/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.010.html
11 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036626/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.011.html
12 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036645/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.012.html
13 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036689/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.013.html
14 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036702/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.014.html
15 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036749/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.015.html
16 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036760/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.016.html
17 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036798/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.017.html
18 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036821/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.018.html
19 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036871/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.019.html
20 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036894/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.020.html
21 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036951/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.021.html
22 http://rapidgator.net/file/67036967/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.022.html
23 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037022/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.023.html
24 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037049/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.024.html
25 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037086/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.025.html
26 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037098/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.026.html
27 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037139/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.027.html
28 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037152/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.028.html
29 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037192/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.029.html
30 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037207/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.030.html
31 http://rapidgator.net/file/67037212/NMB48_-_Geinin_Disc_4.ISO.031.html
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