July 7, 2012

HKT48 announces 3 winners from their preliminary janken tournament

On July 6th, HKT48 held their preliminary janken tournament at HKT48 Theater in Fukuoka.
17 members of Team H and 1 Research Student battled it out in a game of rock-paper-scissors to advance onto the main tournament which will be held at Nippon Budokan on September 18th.
The heated tournament also included Sashihara Rino, who made her debut in HKT48 just the other day. She lost to Team H captain Anai Chihiro in the first round.
The 3 winners from HKT48 are Moriyasu Madoka and Nakanishi Chiyori of Team H, and Research Student Eto Sayaka. As this will be HKT48’s first time participating in the janken tournament, we can look forward to how these girls will represent their group at Nippon Budokan.
Below are translated messages from the winners along with pictures from the tournament.
Moriyasu Madoka (Team H): Until now, I’ve never been conscious of my luck being good or bad, but today, I felt “luck” for the first time!! I will go to Budokan to test my luck!!
Eto Sayaka (Research Student): I’m usually weak when it comes to janken, but today, I won 5 times (including the preliminary round for Research Students). I might be a really strong type. I want to keep it up and win at Budokan!!
Nakanishi Chiyori (Team H): Before the tournament, I kept telling myself, “I will win with paper!“, and I won twice with paper. I want to use paper at Budokan. I will do my best so that at least 1 member from HKT48 will remain!
Source & Photos: natalie

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