July 28, 2012

Maeda Atsuko posts kissing photos with Minegishi Minami on her blog

AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko recently updated her blog which included kissing photos with fellow member Minegishi Minami.
In a blog entry titled, “It’s summer!“, Maeda wrote, “A nice photo has been completed. This is Mi-chan, who has been sticking to me all day.” She revealed 4 pictures showing the close friendship between herself and Minegishi. Out of the 4 snapshots, 2 of them were of the girls kissing each other on the cheek.
Maeda also stated, “After the live broadcast, it really feels like summer! I’m absolutely going to a festival. I want to go goldfish scooping. I also want to go to the beach, and ‘Fes’.” showing that she’s ready to have some fun this summer.

Sources: RBB Today, Maeda Atsuko’s Official Blog

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