July 2, 2012

20,000 fans appear at AKB48 event in Kobe

On June 30th, 20,000 fans rushed to AKB48’s “GIVE ME FIVE!” handshake event and mini-live at Hotto Motto Field Kobe in Hyogo prefecture, to see the 26 members of AKB48 present at the event.
The event was the first time that key members in Kansai were able to meet their fans since the general election. Even as it rained, the members performed 4 of their songs, including their hit song “Flying Get” for their fans.
As a tradition, the MC asked “Who can pronounce ‘GIVE ME FIVE’ well?” during the chat segment of the event and all of the members present indicated that Takahashi Minami (21) could pronounce the phrase best.  With this, Takahashi revealed her confidence.  She showed her fluent pronunciation and defended her title against her fellow AKB48 members and also showed her “Doya Face,” or her “Pride in accomplishment face.”

Source: Sanspo

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