July 23, 2012

Oshima Yuko meets a little bear at stage greeting for ‘Brave’

On July 21st, AKB48’s Oshima Yuko attended a stage greeting for Disney-Pixar’s latest animated film, ‘Merida to Osoroshi no Mori‘ (‘Brave‘).
In association with the movie, a black bear cub named Momotaro joined Oshima on stage. “This is the first time I’ve seen a cub! Hello. He has a rather gentle face,” she said, and fed Momotaro straight from her hands.
Oshima, who voices the protagonist Merida in the film, appeared at the event in a blue dress and fluffy hair. “I was nervous about what everyone would think after watching the movie,” she stated. The crowd called out, “It was good!“, and in response, Oshima expressed, “I’m glad. What a relief.
During the event, Oshima shared that her mom came to visit her a few days before the film’s premiere, “It was like I became Merida, we rode bicycles together, and ran around the city. I enjoyed the time we had together.” She continued, “Through this movie, it made me think about how I should take care of my family more. Because we are family, we should understand each other.
Finally, Oshima gave the appeal of the film saying, “I voiced the character with love. I want everyone to accept this charming character that I love. I think Merida will push the backs of everyone.

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