July 4, 2012

Shinoda Mariko is afraid she might go broke because of all the birthdays in July

On July 2nd, when AKB48’s Itano Tomomi was getting ready to celebrate her 21st birthday on the following day, the group’s oldest member Shinoda Mariko suddenly became afraid of going broke this month.
This whole incident happened on Twitter, after she noticed one of Itano’s tweets saying “I soon won’t be 20 anymore“.
Shinoda was surprised and confessed, “Oh no… I can never tell  (Itano) that I forgot Tomochin’s birthday!” She continued, “Speaking of which, Atsuko’s birthday will be will be very soon as well… Just how many birthdays can there be in one month? (laughs)
Just to make sure she doesn’t forget anyone, she began to list all the July birthday girls that had been coming to her mind. “If I’m right, Tomochin on the 3rd, Acchan and Kato Rena on the 10th, Hana-chan on the 11th, Sayanee on the 14th, Yukirin on the 15th, Hillary on the 16th, Komori on the 19th, Moeno on the 22nd, Nakamatta on the 25th, Sayaka on the 26th, Rena on the 27th, Myao on the 30th.
Upon counting the thirteen names, she once again realized how large of a family they are and wrote, “I’ll go bankrupt! (laughs)“.
Adding Sato Natsuki, who celebrated her birthday on the 1st, this is indeed going to become an expensive month for someone who wants to buy birthday presents for all of them.

Source: Cinema Today

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