July 19, 2012

Nogizaka46 chosen as new CM characters for House Foods’ “Megashaki”

On July 18th, Nogizaka46 attended a CM presentation event for House Foods‘ carbonated drink, “Megashaki“, as its new CM characters.
Nogizaka46 formed in August of last year as the official rival of AKB48, and made their debut in February. Sakurai Reika expressed, “We have to aim really high. We will do our best to catch up to them as soon as possible.” She also commented on this year’s ‘Kohaku Uta Gassen‘ saying, “If we have a chance, we’d like to appear.
As their short-term goal, Sakurai revealed that they’d like to “actively hold concerts.” The group’s center Ikoma Rina added, “I want to hold one in my hometown of Akita! Since it’s always left out during tours.” Hearing Ikoma’s statement, Matsumura Sayuri said, “At first, she looked like she was from the countryside, but now, she’s the one pulling Nogizaka.
Nogizaka46’s 3rd single, “Hashire! Bicycle“, will be used in the new CM for House Foods’ “Megashaki” starting July 23rd. The highlight of this CM is the scene where the members get soaking wet.
The scene where we stand under a waterfall was very cold so it was really difficult,” Sakurai reflected. Meanwhile, Hashimoto Nanami said, “The first and second times were difficult, but the third time, we were in high spirits so we had fun.
After energetically performing “Hashire! Bicycle”, Sakurai shared, “It’s an uptempo song that’s different from our songs up to now. It’s a song that will get you excited, and it’s also perfect for the summer.

Source & Photos: Model Press

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