July 28, 2012

Komuro Tetsuya and Akimoto Yasushi to collaborate on a song for AKB

It was reported on July 26th that musician Komuro Tetsuya (53) will write a song for AKB48 while AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi (56) will provide the lyrics for it. The collaboration was a result of a July 25th posting on Komuro’s Google+ account that read, “Mr. Akimoto, would you like to use a song by me? Could someone please pass him the message, something along those lines?
Akimoto replied the next day on his Google+, “Mr. Tetsuya Komuro. I heard your message. I would dearly love to make something together with you. Why don’t we go have a drink? It will be our first time in a long time.
Akimoto and Komuro have collaborated before on a single titled “Sonotoki no Sora” for Yashiki Takajin (62) released in November 2010.

Source: Sanspo

Image: Sanspo and Akimoto’s Google+ account

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