July 7, 2012

SKE48 announces 8 representatives for ‘AKB48 29th Single Senbatsu Janken Tournament’

On July 5th, SKE48 held their preliminary janken tournament at SKE48 Theater in Aichi.
41 members of Team S, Team KII, and Team E, along with 1 Research Student went head-to-head in a game of rock-paper-scissors to advance onto the main tournament.
The 8 winners of SKE48’s preliminary janken tournament are Team S’ Nakanishi Yuka and Hiramatsu Kanako, Team KII’s Sato Seira and Sato Mieko, Team E’s Ueno Kasumi, Kimoto Kanon, Kobayashi Ami, and Takagi Yumana.
The main tournament will be held on September 18th at Nippon Budokan. These 8 girls will be joined by Matsui Jurina, who is a member of both SKE48 and AKB48.
Below are translated messages from the winners:
Nakanishi Yuka (Team S): I want to do my best while carrying the feelings of the fans, the members who lost, and the staff in Nagoya. I’m way over 20-years-old, but I plan on wearing a school girl uniform at Budokan!
Kobayashi Ami (Team E): Last time, there was only 1 representative from Team E, but this time, there are 4. So I would like to do my best to raise the popularity of Team E.
Hiramatsu Kanako (Team S): I was the role of the janken gorilla (during Parent’s Day in kindergarten), so I never thought a chance like this would come to me. I felt lucky that I was the role of the gorilla lol. At Nippon Budokan, I would like to appear as a gorilla!
Ueno Kasumi (Team E): Many good things have been happening since my birthday on June 29th. I’m scared but since I was given this chance of going to Budokan, I would like to aim on becoming a senbatsu member.
Kimoto Kanon (Team E): I had a dream that everybody in Japan had to go to outer space, and the representative would be chosen through janken. I won. I don’t know if I’ll be able to dream the same dream, but I want to have confidence and do my best.
Sato Seira (Team KII): The last time, I lost in an instant, so I didn’t think I would win this time. At Budokan, I would like to give it my all in a bathing suit!
Takagi Yumana (Team E): It’s a very unbelievable and mysterious feeling. Since 4 people from Team E made it, I want all of us to become senbatsu members so that more people will come to know us. Thank you.
Sato Mieko (Team KII): When I lost in the first round at Nippon Budokan last year, I was surprised at how disappointed I was. Since the fans are telling me, “Didn’t you lose something at Budokan?“, I would like to win this year. Also, I want to do my best with Seira to give the appeal that SKE48 is not only double Matsui, but also double Sato!
Matsui Jurina (Team S / AKB48 Team K): As I watched everyone on stage today, what I saw in their eyes were feelings of “I’m going to win!” and “I won’t lose!“. I realized that feelings are really important. I would like to go into the tournament while holding onto the feeling “I’ll take center!“.

Source & Image: natalie

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