July 29, 2012

AKB0048 unit NO NAME unveils full PV for debut single “Kibou Ni Tsuite”

NO NAME has just released the full PV of their debut single “Kibou Ni Tsuite“.
As previously reported, “Kibou Ni Tsuite” will be released on August 1st. NO NAME is made up of 9 voice actresses of ‘AKB0048′. They are AKB48’s Watanabe MayuNakaya SayakaSato Amina,Ishida HarukaSato Sumire, and Iwata KarenSKE48’s Yagami Kumi and Hata Sawako, and NMB48’s Mita Mao.
The PV follows the storyline of AKB0048 and is set in the future, with the girls auditioning and training to debut as an idol group.
Check it out below!

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