July 29, 2012

AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko is sexy and alluring for ‘IQUEEN’

AKB48’s Shinoda Mariko was chosen for the 10th volume of Plup’s popular photo book series ‘IQUEEN‘, which is being released as a normal photo book and a high resolution digital photo set.
‘IQUEEN’ is known for explo
ring the mature and alluring charms of its celebrity photo models and Shinoda’s pictorial is no exception. The theme for her pictorial is “SECRET” and she’s sporting various outfits from patterned stockings, over a white tank top to a gorgeous red dress.
Shinoda is the first member of an idol group to be featured in this series, but due to her wide range of activities from modeling to acting outside of AKB48, she seems to blend right in next to Nagasawa Masami, Hirosue Ryoko, Kimura Kaela, Toda Erika and all the other great women who already call a volume of ‘IQUEEN’ their own. Shinoda’s cute and beautiful looks have gained her a lot of fans over the years, but sensual and alluring themes are still considered a new challenge for her.
This book is going for a very calm and quiet atmosphere. Shinoda is merely relaxing in a hotel room, yet she’s able to create an incredible tension with just her outstanding beauty and her straight and strong gazes into the camera. The breathtaking pictures were taken by photographer Tamagawa Ryu.
The two normal photo books ‘IQUEEN Vol.10 Shinoda Mariko‘ (A4 size, 96 pages) and ‘IQUEEN Vol.10 Shinoda Mariko SPECIAL EDITION‘ (B1 size, 12 double pages) already went on sale on July 27th, while the ‘IQUEEN Vol.10 Shinoda Mariko DIGITAL EDITION‘ (4K resolution, 3D) is scheduled to hit the Japanese Playstation Stores sometime in August.

Source & Pictures: Cinema Today

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