July 16, 2012

Moriyama Mirai & Maeda Atsuko greet fans on opening day of ‘Kueki Ressha’

On July 14, actor Moriyama Mirai (27) and AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko (21) made public apperances to greet fans on the opening day of the film “Kueki Ressha” (directed by Yamashita Nobuhiro) at the Marunouchi TOEI (1) in Tokyo.
Comedian Makita Sports, who also appeared on stage spoke about Moriyama and joked with dark humor (about Sawajiri Erika, and her starring movie “Helter Skelter“), “He has not gotten plastic surgery on his whole body, or he would not neglect his duties to greet fans on stage.”  Maeda, who plays the heroine in the film, gave a shocking confession about Moriyama, who plays the good-for-nothing protagonist Kitamachi with, “I do not know whether I like Moriyama or Kitamachi, but I like him.”  Moriyama appeared embarrassed as he answered, “It seems you do.”

Source and Image: Sanspo

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