July 23, 2012

On July 21st, Akimoto Yasushi announced on his Google+ profile that, as a result of a meeting with the AKB48 overseas team, a study abroad program has been set up for AKB48 and related groups. In the same post, he made a call for interested members to apply for the program.
Members in Japan could study abroad as a member of overseas sister groups of AKB48, such as JKT48 in Indonesia, SNH48 in Shanghai and TPE48 in Taiwan. The period of study abroad could be from 6 months to a year. In an updated post, Akimoto clarified, “Since it is connected with the overseas TV, maybe they can still be active even if they are outside the country.
What do you think about his new idea?

Source + Image: Akimoto’s Google+

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