July 29, 2012

SKE48 to open their own theater!

It’s been revealed that idol group SKE48 will open their own theater. The theater is located in Aichi at the newly renovated SUNSHINE STUDIO at Sunshine Sakae.
Before the end of team S’s concert ‘Seifuku no Me‘, member Matsui Rena stated that all of them were surprised by the news. Back in April, the title of SKE48’s one-man concert was ‘Will SKE48’s own theater be set up until this fall?’, and the audience was quite eager to hear the news.
The group will perform their last concert on August 29th at their current theater. After that they will announce the completion of their new theater and schedule.
Matsui Rena also celebrated her 21st birthday today on July 27th. She decided that wasn’t going to cry and that she could feel the warmth from everyone’s support. She stated “I always said ‘I’m not good enough .. I’m not good enough…’, but I won’t say that phrase any more. I’ll keep going forward,” and she thanked everyone sincerely from the bottom of her heart.

Source: natalie

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