July 12, 2012

AKB48 announces title of Tokyo Dome concert

On July 10th, AKB48 held a ‘birthday festival’ at AKB48 Theater in Akihabara to celebrate Maeda Atsuko’s 21st birthday.
As this will be Maeda’s last ‘birthday festival’ as a member of AKB48, she expressed, “I have a lot of dreams. I want to repay everyone by making those dreams come true little by little. It’s a treasure in my lifetime to be able to hold my last birthday festival on the day of my birthday as a member of AKB48.
During this event, captain Takahashi Minami announced that the title of their upcoming Tokyo Dome concert will be ‘AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~‘. 1,830m represents the distance between AKB48 Theater and Tokyo Dome. Although it’s rather close by, it was a far dream for the girls to reach. “I walked 1,830m from the Theater to Tokyo Dome. It was really close. But… far. It’s a goal line that took 7 years to reach, and it’s also our starting line,“ Takahashi commented.
Additionally, during Team B’s Osaka concert on July 10th, member Masuda Yuka announced that she would be withdrawing from the Tokyo Dome concert. Because Masuda was chosen to play the lead in Miyamoto Amon’s upcoming musical, ‘Wiz ~Oz no Mahoutsukai~‘, her lessons overlapped with the concert rehearsals.
‘AKB48 in TOKYO DOME ~1830m no Yume~’ will be held at Tokyo Dome from August 24th to the 26th. Meanwhile, Maeda Atsuko’s graduation concert will be held on August 27th.

Sources: Mantan Web & AKB48 Official Blog

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