July 31, 2012

AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki attends a big hit event for her solo debut single

On July 29th, AKB48’s Iwasa Misaki attended a big hit event for her solo debut single, “Mujin Eki“, at Kuniyoshi Station in Chiba Prefecture.
This marked Iwasa’s first time holding an event at a “mujin eki” (“unstaffed train station”). “Since I made my debut with ‘Mujin Eki’, I had a reckless wish to hold an event at an empty train station in my hometown, Chiba. I’m extremely happy to make it come true,” she said.
Iwasa was able to ride and conduct a special train called “Wasamin-gou” for the day. With 40 lucky fans, she went on a 20-minute journey from Kuniyoshi Station to Ohara Station. She reflected, “It’s my first time being ’something’ for a day. I had yearned for it, so today has become the best memory of my summer. Just from today, I learned a lot about Isumi Railway. It made me think about how interesting railways are. I might become a railway otaku.
After the train ride, Iwasa sang “Mujin Eki“, the enka version of “Heavy Rotation“, and a cover of Jounouchi Sanae’s “Ajisai Bashi” in front of about 1,500 fans. She also held a handshake event and commemorative stamp event in the parking lot of the station.

Source & Photos: Mantan Web

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