July 1, 2012

Former SDN48 member Serina denies relationship rumors

On June 30th, former SDN48 member Serina attended a release event for her 2nd official card collection, ‘Pastel Color‘.
Recently, a tabloid magazine reported Serina’s date with comedian Kawashima Akiyoshi of Hannya. Serina cocked her head as she said, “That’s not a fun topic to hear,” and denied the rumors with, “We’re just friends.” She then made the crowd laugh by saying, “I want them to get a good scandal. At least by this fall.”
Serina shared that the girls (former members of SDN48) have continued to keep in touch after graduation. “By graduating, we were able to distance ourselves from the sense of rivalry. Our bond has deepened now that we are able to talk about things we’ve never been able to.
She also revealed the changes she’s been undergoing, “During the time of SDN, I had the members so it didn’t seem like I had to make any friends. Recently, I’m becoming more assertive.“ When asked about her ideal type, she replied, “A positive person who takes care of their family and loves me.
Serina held the photo shoot for the trading cards in January. She promoted them saying, “I’m happy that I was able to release my 2nd trading cards so fast. I didn’t even think the first one was going to sell.

Source & Photos: Oricon

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