June 17, 2012

Sashihara Rino’s final performance postponed until July

It was previously announced that Sashihara Rino’s final performance as an AKB48 member would be on June 20th along with Matsubara Natsumi’s birthday party.
However, after consideration AKB48 Theater manager Togasaki Tomonobu posted on his Google+ account that Sashihara’s final performance would be postponed until sometime in July.
Togasaki explains, “The reason for this is it is not possible to hold both Sashihara’s last performance and Matsubara’s birthday performance by simply opening at 18:30 and adding 30 minutes to the scheduled performance.
Many fans sent Togasaki tweets expressing their concern for both Sashihara and Matsubara, since it wasn’t fair that Sashihara’s final performance would be during Matsubara’s birthday party and could make it uncomfortable for both parties.
Togasaki continued, “In order to make sure that Sashihara gets a proper performance to send her off to HKT48, we will readjust the schedule and announce it to the fans… The 20th will be Matsubara’s birthday performance. I hope you will all join us in the celebration.
Source: Togasaki Tomonobu’s Google+

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