June 23, 2012

HKT48’s Matsuoka Natsumi wakes up Japan with photo of Moriyasu Madoka’s legs

HKT48’s Matsuoka Natsumi updated her Google+ account with fellow member Moriyasu Madoka’s legs.
Matsuoka wrote, “Everyone, please wake up on this groggy morning with Miss Madoka’s beautiful legs,” and posted a shot of Moriyasu’s legs in a mini skirt. Matsuoka continued, “Uhm… was that a bit too sexy for the morning? Haha. But doesn’t she have really nice legs?
The picture seemed to startle fans as they commented, “Morning! Amazing! That’s too sexy lol lol lol,” “That woke me right up (haha),” and “Man, I was lured in by those beautiful legs.
So how would you feel waking up to Moriyasu’s legs? Are they too sexy or just right?

Source: Ameba News

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