June 24, 2012

Itano Tomomi looks like a young mother in recent blog picture

AKB48 member Itano Tomomi recently updated her blog and revealed that her two second cousins, who are living in California, have come to visit Japan.
Itano wrote, “My second cousins ami and mina came from California to visit Japan!” She also added a sweet picture with the three of them to her blog post.
As usual they are like angels,” she continued. “Those two are just too cute and I bought them plenty of presents. (・∀・) I certainly must look like a young gal mom when walking hand in hand with them. (laughs)
Her fans were delighted to see this beautiful three-shot of Itano and her second cousins and commented, “So adorable! They definitely give off the image of being Tomochin’s second cousins,” “I’m so envious of her second cousins,” and “Tomochin would look amazing as their mother!

Source: modelpress, Itano’s official blog

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