June 22, 2012

Ebihara Yuri & AKB48’s Kojima Haruna to star in new “TSUBAKI” CMs

Model Ebihara Yuri and AKB48’s Kojima Haruna are set to appear in the third part of haircare brand TSUBAKI’s latest commercial.
Continuing after the commercial Mizuhara Kiko starred in previously for TSUBAKI, a love story set in Paris will unfold, featuring the two lovely ladies as the main characters. The CM is said to feel just like a scene from a romantic movie, with each woman starring alongside their own partner for two separate stories. Ebihara will find herself entranced by Mikawai Takeshi, a model in an overseas fashion show, while Kojima will co-star with Watabe Gouta.
With a remix of the song “You’re Beautiful” playing in the background, viewers will notice the passion between the couples as their gazes meet and their foreheads gently touch.
The “LOVE Ebihara Yuri” version and “LOVE Kojima Haruna” version will begin broadcasting on June 22nd. In the meantime, check out stills from the CM and behind-the-scenes photos below

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