June 20, 2012

Four AKB48 members attend a special fan event

L to R: Nakaya Sayaka, Nakata Chisato, Uchida Mayumi, Tanabe Miku
Four of AKB48’s closest members Nakaya Sayaka, Nakata Chisato, Uchida Mayumi, and Tanabe Miku attended a special fan event. The girls sang, played mini games and had a witty ‘girls talk’ in front of 700 fans.
Nakaya wrote a best-selling book, titled “Non-Senbatsu Idol”, expressing what it was like not being chosen during the ‘General Election’ three times in a row. However, this year she ranked in at #36, entering the ranks for the first time. “The wind is blowing now. I hope it blows more and more in the future.
Nakata also entered the rankings for the first time this year, entering in at #37, “I guess it’s little by little, but I want to grow more and I want my dreams to be fulfilled,” promising more activities for her fans. When the event was over, the press asked what ‘dreams’ she was talking about and she responded, “I want to survive in the world of show business as long as possible~!

Source: Sanspo

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