June 17, 2012

AKB48’s ‘Waiting Girls’ chosen by Japan’s major magazines for gravure photoshoots

After AKB48’s “27th Single Senbatsu General Election” 64 lucky girls were chosen by fans to participate in the single. But what about the 172 girls* who didn’t make the top 64 spots and what about their fans?
Well, 34 of Japan’s biggest magazine companies came together in support of these girls and their fans. The 172 girls who didn’t make the election single are currently being dubbed the “Waiting Girls” and will get to participate in solo gravure photoshoots for 43 different magazines.
All of the girls were chosen via lottery to decide which magazine they would get to participate in.
(* NMB48 research student Sasaki Nanami has graduated due to poor health)
Check below to see where your favorite ‘Waiting Girl’ was placed!

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