June 20, 2012

Glico unveils Sherlock-style AKB48 “Ice no Mi” CM!

Glico has just revealed a brand new advertisement for their “Ice no Mi” confections, featuring the girls of AKB48! The CM will be a drama-style CM, in which all AKB48 members become suspects of a murder case, with Maeda Atsuko as a Sherlock Holmes-like detective.
After examining the ‘N’ drawn by Team 4’s Kato Rena at the scene of her death along with the mysterious message ‘23K.24AB’ on her cell phone, Maeda concludes that all 89 members of AKB48 are suspects in Kato’s murder. There will be a total of 5 CMs for this, and the first one “AKB48 Satsujin Jiken FILE-1” will begin airing on the 25th. Video testimonies from each member will also be available on “Ice no Mi” official site offering some hints to help solve the case.
The story was originally planned by AKB48’s producer Akimoto Yasushi, and the story was written by Aoyama Gosho, the author of the famous “Detective Conan” series. With the release of the CM, manga “AKB48 murder case”, illustrated by Goto Masaki, will also be serialized on “Weekly Shounen Sunday” beginning on July 4th.
Check out the CM below!

Source: Oricon

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