September 9, 2012

SKE48’s Matsui Rena cancels her handshake event for health reasons

SKE48’s Matsui Rena cancelled her handshake event on September 8 due to her poor physical condition. Matsui apologized to fans on Google+ with, “It is unfortunate, but I needed to cancel my handshake event due to my poor physical condition. To my fans that waited for me at the event venue, I am deeply sorry that in the end, you had to hear the words “cancel” and that I was unable to greet you.”
Matsui Rena is known as a part of SKE48’s “Double Matsui” with Matsui Jurina; on September 7, she appeared on a live broadcast of the music program “Music Station,’ and was scheduled to travel from the broadcast location to the handshake event in Nagoya. Because of that, after learning on Google+ that the event was cancelled, fans continuously commented with, “Please rest.” Among those who commented, some also showed concern over her day-to-day schedule with, “It is because you have been busy recently.”
Matsui Rena is scheduled to attend another handshake event in Nagoya on October 9. Matsui has written “I am resting today” on her Google+; in early spring, Matsui Jurina was hospitalized due to exhaustion. This is a problem for popular members of the group and has left fans worried.

Source and Image: Cinematoday

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