September 24, 2012

HKT48 announces their second generation research students

On September 23rd at HKT48’s theater, the group revealed their second generation.
At the end of Team H’s performance a screen was put on stage that announced the debut of HKT48’s second generation, which caused the venue to cheer. Then the 21 new second generation members appeared on stage and sang AKB48’s hit song “Aitakatta”. After the performance finished, second generation member, Tashima Meru, stepped forward as the group’s representative to greet the audience.
The second generation has an average age of 14.2 years and each member stepped forward to introduce themselves and their personal dream. Tashima Meru said, “I want to be known as HKT48’s sunflower and I’ll be looking toward the center position. I hope to grow with the group in a carefree manner and become someone who puts in a lot of effort. And lastly, my goal is to become a singer and actress. I won’t forget my goals and I’ll work hard.” Next Tomonaga Mio declared her dream, “My dream is for HKT48 to become a group that people around the world are aware of.
And in the end, HKT48 Theater’s Manager Saito appeared on stage to surprise the members that the first generation research students and second generation research students will begin performing a research student stage beginning on September 30th. The stage setlist will be “PARTY ga Hajimaru yo”. The members showed their surprise and the audience burst into cheers.

[HKT48 2nd Generation Profiles (Name – Birthdate – Hometown)]
Akiyoshi Yuka – October 23, 2000, Fukuoka
Ito Raira – October 31, 1998, Ehime
Inoue Yuriya – June 15, 1999, Fukuoka
Iwahana Shino – April 1, 2000, Fukuoka
Ui Mashiro – January 31, 2000, Fukuoka
Ueno Haruka – September 20, 1999, Fukuoka
Umemoto Izumi – May 15, 1997, Fukuoka
Okada Kanna – June 26, 1997, Fukuoka
Okamoto Naoko – April 4, 1996, Fukuoka
Kusaba Manami – October 17, 1995, Fukuoka
Koujina Yui – January 24, 1998, Fukuoka
Goto Izumi – September 27, 1997, Fukuoka
Komada Hiroka – November 21, 1996, Miyazaki
Sakaguchi Riko – July 26, 1994, Fukuoka
Tashima Meru – January 7, 2000, Fukuoka
Tanaka Yuka – June 7, 2000, Fukuoka
Tani Marika – January 5, 1996, Fukuoka
Tomiyoshi Asuka – September 20, 1997, Miyazaki
Tomonaga Mio – May 17, 1998, Fukuoka
Fuchigami Mai – September 21, 1996, Fukuoka
Yamada Marina – March 24, 1995, Fukuoka
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