September 8, 2012

Maeda Atsuko’s first solo assignment filming for Shin Domoto Kyodai, duets with Takahashi Minami

The September 9th episode of Shin Domoto Kyodai will feature Maeda Atsuko as a guest. Filming for this episode took place back on August 28th, a day after Maeda’s graduation from AKB48. The talk segment was titled “I can say this because I graduated! Atsuko’s bare confessions!” and Maeda revealed that she “often got into arguments with Takamina (Takahashi Minami)” and “had gone out for a meal with one of the guys in the studio (from the Domoto Brothers’ Band)”.
Since filming took place only a day after Maeda’s graduation, Takahashi was in tears from the rehearsal until the actual on-air filming. Seeing this, the audience and regular members of the show gave their warm smiles.
Takahashi was in charge of the progression of Maeda’s graduation concert the night before and couldn’t properly express her feelings then. She could finally express those thoughts during the filming for Shin Domoto Kyodai and ended up in tears four times.
For the live performance segment of the show, Takahashi and Maeda sang a duet to “Migi Kata”, the coupling track for Maeda’s second single “Kimi wa Boku da”. This was at the suggestion of fans who left their comments on the blog of Kikuchi P, the show’s chief producer. Regarding this performance, Kikuchi P gave his stamp of approval saying, “Takamina was crying during the rehearsal. However, during the actual filming, until the end of the song, she didn’t cry. This is a respectable first step for a solo vocalist.
We will be looking out for the September 9th broadcast of Shin Domoto Kyodai!

Source & Image: Natalie

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