September 27, 2012

Former SDN48 member Serina shows off her legs in a cabin attendant costume

On September 26th, former SDN48 member Serina attended a DVD release event for the overseas drama, ‘PAN AM‘.
Set in the 1960’s, ‘PAN AM’ portrays the work and love lives of 4 flight attendants. In association with the drama, Serina appeared at the event in a cabin attendant costume. She showed off her legs and exclaimed, “I want to make it even shorter!” She continued, “I want to be in a relationship that I can be in only now.
Regarding her costume, Serina expressed, “I’ve admired flight attendants, so I’m happy. I thought that I could go on a plane like this.” She also shared, “I want to be in a secret relationship because of its excitement, but I also want to be in a relationship that’s not a secret,” and talked about her love life during her days as a student, “There was a time when the person I liked had a girlfriend. I waited until he broke up with her to date him. I’m wholehearted.
Source & Image: Oricon

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