September 2, 2012

SKE48’s Inuzuka Asana suspended from activities

It’s been reported that SKE48 research student Inuzuka Asana has been suspended from her activities.
A message was posted on the group’s official website stating, “Yesterday, research student Inuzuka Asana sent a message by mistake through SKE48’s mail service ‘SKE48 mail’. We would like to inform that Inuzuka Asana’s activities will be suspended until we confirm the facts. As a result, she will not be participating in tomorrow’s events for AKB48’s 4th album ‘1830m’. We have caused worries and troubles to the fans, but we ask for your kind understanding.
Meanwhile, Inuzuka commented on her Google+ account, “Half asleep, I sent the mail I got from my friend to SKE mail. It was a portion of love advice I’ve been receiving, so maybe there are many people who misunderstood it… But this is the truth, so please believe me.

Source: SKE48 Official Website, Inuzuka Asana’s Google+

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