September 17, 2012

AKB48 to perform their 28th single at upcoming Janken Tournament

On September 16th, AKB48’s producer Akimoto Yasushi announced on “Google+” that AKB48 would be performing their new single, to be released on October 31st, at the ‘3rd Janken Tournament’.  Maeda Atsuko, who graduated on August 27th, has been working as the center for AKB48 up until now. It is very probable that the center for this new song will become the group’s ‘new ace’.
Ever since Maeda’s graduation announcement, it has become a hot topic among fans and many have asked, “Who is going to be the next center?”. Well, Oshima Yuko was ranked #1 during the group’s general election and thus held the center spot for “Gingham Check”, but this doesn’t mean she will be center for the next song and the songs hereafter.
Akimoto wrote, “Yes. It’s a bit early, but it can’t be helped if the music video isn’t finished being edited. So, the girls will perform their October single live at the Budokan on the 18th during the Janken Tournament.

Source: Daily Sports

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