September 13, 2012

AKB48’s Matsubara Natsumi shares her plan to win the Janken Tournament

L to R: Matsubara Natsumi and Miyazaki Rina

To commemorate the release of their DVD “Kotsutsubo”, AKB48’s Matsubara Natsumi and SUPERGiRLS’s Miyazaki Rina attended a release event at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA on September 10th.
Matsubara and Miyazaki both met each other for the first time while filming this movie and the two shared how they first felt about one another. Matsubara said, “She is really petite and I didn’t want to be on the same screen as her, because she has a small face (hehe)”. Miyazaki also revealed her thoughts on Matsubara, “Right now AKB are the best idols, so I was scared. But, she was really nice and I enjoyed going to film with her”.
The two also commented on their roles. Matsubara looked back, “I played the high school girl Eri and her character is the opposite of how I am regularly”. Miyazaki smiled, “The character I play has a bad attitude. I was told that my eyes looked scary when I put on the make-up, so I was able to express the fear through the eyes. In my next film, I’d like to play a nice and angelic girl (haha)”.
On September 18th, Matsubara will be in attendance at the Nippon Budokan for AKB48’s Janken Tournament. “I’m not usually good at Janken. I end up thinking too much about it and get a bad result, so this time I want to try going out there with my eyes closed and see what happens. I think I have a lot of luck, since I was able to join AKB.
The press then called for Matsubara to practice Janken with Miyazaki. Matsubara joked, “I don’t think it’s a good idea if I waste my luck here. If I win here, but lose during the tournament, then I’ll end up blaming Miyari-chan (Miyazaki).”

Source: MyNavi & Infoseek

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