November 19, 2012

SKE48 to release a new single in January

It’s been revealed that SKE48 will be releasing a new single (currently untitled) on January 30th.
This was announced on November 18th during the group’s handshake event for ‘Kiss Datte Hidarikiki‘ at Pacifico Yokohama. As Matsui Rena called out, “I have an important announcement for everyone!“, a message saying, “The second chapter of SKE48 will start“, was projected onto the monitor. The opening of SKE48’s official theater on December 9th was announced once again.
Since the members weren’t informed of the new single release, they were surprised by the sudden announcement. The title and senbatsu members will be announced sometime later.
Additionally, the music video for SKE48’s new song, “Tsuyogari Tokei“, was revealed during the event. This song is the coupling track to the Type A edition of AKB48’s upcoming single, “Eien Pressure“, which will be released on December 5th. In the music video, Kitahara Rie, who belongs in both AKB48 and SKE48 will make an appearance.
The participating members for “Tsuyogari Tokei” are as follows:
Team S: Oya Masana / Kizaki Yuria / Suda Akari / Nakanishi Yuuka / Matsui Jurina / Matsui Rena / Yagami Kumi
Team KII: Ishida Anna / Ogiso Shiori / Takayanagi Akane / Hata Sawako / Furukawa Airi / Mukaida Manatsu / Yakata Miki
Team E: Kimoto Kanon
AKB48: Kitahara Rie-
Source & Image: natalie

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