November 13, 2012

Season 2 of ‘AKB0048′ to start in January

Idol group AKB48’s tv anime series, ‘AKB0048‘, will be receiving its second season, ‘next stage‘, starting on January 5th of next year.
It’s been about 5 months since the wrap up of the first season (April to July 2011). The upcoming season is said to unfold speedy action scenes as well as powered up live scenes.
Currently, the show is scheduled to air on tvk, HTB Hokkaido TV, TBC Tohoku Housou, Fukushima TV, Tochigi TV, Gunma TV, Tele Tama, Chiba Tele, TOKYO MX, Mie TV, Sun TV, KBS Kyoto, Hiroshima TV, and TVQ Kyushu Housou.
Furthermore, there will be an event for those who purchase all 5 of volumes of ‘AKB0048 first stage‘ on DVD or Blu-ray. The event will be held on February 17th at Makuhari Messe featuring the seiyuu senbatsu unit ‘NO NAME‘. More details can be found on the official website for ‘AKB0048′.
Source & Image: Oricon

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