November 8, 2012

AKB48’s upcoming single “Eien Pressure” to be released on December 5

On November 7, it was revealed that Shimazaki Haruka (18), the winner of the AKB48’s “3rd Janken Tournamentthat occurred in September, would be the center for the first time in the group’s upcoming release “Eien Pressure” (to be released on December 5).
Anticipated as the next generation ace and nicknamed Paruru, Shimazaki sped to the path of becoming the Janken queen overnight.  The track was written by executive producer Akimoto Yasushi (54) to suit Shimazaki, who possesses another nickname, Ponkotsu, to suit her image.
Shimazaki explained, “The song is about a girl with no self confidence,” and appealed to fans, saying, “When I first saw (the lyrics of the) song, I thought ‘How does Akimoto-sensei know what I think?’ Because it is an up-tempo and cute song, I will be happy if many people sing the song.”
The album cover jackets feature the image of a women’s dormitory where the top 16 girls of the Janken tournament live. In addition, it has been decided that SKE48, NMB48, and HKT48 songs will be recorded as well.
Source and Image: Sanspo

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