November 6, 2012

All 31 finalists pass the JKT48 2nd generation audition

On November 3, AKB48’s overseas Jakarta, Indonesia-based sister group JKT48 ended their second generation auditions.  The auditions took place at a studio in Tokyo and all 31 finalists passed their auditions.
The 31 finalists were selected to go to the final round of auditions in Japan from 4,500 applicants who were judged on their singing and dancing skills in Indonesia.  At the final selection, the finalists were judged in two areas – singing and answers to questions – by producer Akimoto Yasushi and other judges.
The finalists, who looked nervous, cried tears of joy after it was announced that “All 31 finalists have passed!”  Akimoto explained, “I saw the raw talent of all 31 finalists.  I thought that all 31 had their individual charms and decided to accept all 31,” and also encouraged the new members with, “All of you are seeds of a flower.  I look forward to seeing the types of flowers that sprout from these seeds.  I want each new member to grow into their own individual flower.”
Takajo Aki (21) and Nakagawa Haruka (20), formerly of AKB48, which started their new rotation on November 1, and current JKT48 members, expressed their well wishes to their new fellow members.  Takajo stated, “I also became a JKT48 member in November, so I am standing at the same start line as everyone.  While there may be moments that are painful, I believe there will be even more moments that are enjoyable.  Let’s all try our best,” while Nakagawa stated, “I am happy that I will meet everyone.  Let’s try our best to be energetic and have fun together.”
JKT48, which formed about 1 year ago, has a total of 57 members comprised of 24 first generation members, 31 second generation members, and AKB48 transfers, Takajo and Nakagawa.  The final selection was streamed live on YouTube and about 30,000 people tuned in to watch.
A clip of the final audition is posted below:

Source and Image: Oricon

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