November 3, 2012

Ota Aika performs with HKT48 for the first tim

On November 1, Ota Aika (17), who recently transferred to HKT48 from AKB48, appeared for the first time with Team H on the HKT48 theater stage in Fukuoka.
From the moment she appeared on stage, her nickname “Rabutan” could be heard from the crowd. She responded, “I would be happy if as many people as possible in Fukuoka know of me, Ota Aika.”
When it was revealed that her former AKB48 Team A member Sashihara Rino (19) thought about Ota’s catch copy as “Hakata・Hakata・Hakata・Ota!!” the whole theater laughed. Ota belongs to Team H, and she greeted fans with the message: “Please support HKT48 including me,” after performing 13 songs with the group. Her greeting was received with a warm, welcoming applause.
Source and Image: Sanspo

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