October 8, 2012

AKB48’s recent team shuffle to be effective starting in November

Popular idol group AKB48 held a handshake event on October 7th at Iwate Sangyou Bunka Center, where they announced that their recent team shuffle will be effective starting November 1st.
With the discontinuation of Team 4, AKB48 is back to 3 teams: Team A, K, and B. The original performances for each of these teams hasn’t been announced at this time. However, the teams will take turns performing at AKB48 Theater in Akihabara for a show called ‘Waiting Performance’, which will feature a special set list chosen from AKB48’s songs. Each team is comprised of 22-23 members, and 16 members will participate in the performances.
The teams’ final concerts with their current members are as follows: Team B on the 22nd, Team K on the 24th, Team 4 on the 25th, and Team A on the 29th. Meanwhile, the starting dates for SNH48 (Shanghai, China) members Miyazawa Sae and Suzuki Mariya as well as JKT48 (Jakarta, Indonesia) members Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka will be announced later.
Takahashi Minami, who was appointed as the general manager of the AKB48 groups, called out to their fans, “Please look forward to the development of the new teams.
Source & Image: Sanspo

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