October 26, 2012

AKB48 holds a send-off party for Miyazawa Sae

On October 24th, AKB48 held a send-off event for member Miyazawa Sae, who will be transferring to SNH48 in Shanghai, China next month.
In a tearful voice, Oshima Yuko expressed, “I’m very thankful that we met. You are a dear friend. Although we’ll be in different places, let’s chase our dreams and catch them together.” In response, Miyazawa was moved to tears and said, “In Shanghai, I hope to do the things I wasn’t able to do in Japan little by little.
The send-off party was held during “Team K 6th ‘RESET’ Senshuraku Kouen“, Team K’s final performance before their team shuffle goes into effect on November 1st. Miyazawa revealed, “I’m honestly frightened that the things I thought were natural will disappear one by one.” She continued by thanking her fans, “The ones who made Team K such a wonderful team are those who have supported us. On behalf of everybody, thank you very much.
Some members were already in tears after singing 4 songs back-to-back during the opening. Oshima declared, “I will apologize now. Today, I will not pay attention to anybody, but will enjoy my time with Team K to the fullest.” As she will be the new captain for Team K, she stated, “I hope to make the new Team K an even better team. I won’t lose!
With the new team shuffle, AKB48 will be back to three teams: Team A, Team K, and Team B. Until their individual performances have been decided, the teams will take turns performing at AKB48 Theater in a show called ‘Waiting Performance‘.
Source & Photos: Mantan Web

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