December 8, 2012

NMB48 research student Sugimoto Kano withdraws from the group

On NMB48’s official blog, it was announced that research student Sugimoto Kano has withdrawn from the group on December 6th. She is the 13th member to withdraw from NMB48 this year.
Sugimoto has withdrawn in order to give priority to her studies. “I’m preparing for exams this year. Right now, I want to do my best with my studies to go to high school and make my dreams come true,” she explained.
She also commented, “My activities as NMB48 were happy and fun, but there were times I suffered from my unsatisfactory condition.
Recently, Ota Riona and Matsuda Shori graduated to focus on their studies, and Fujita Runa withdrew due to lower back pain.
Source: Cinema Today
Image: NMB48 Official Website

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