December 24, 2012

Kitahara Rie attends stage greeting for her 1st starring movie

On December 22nd, AKB48 and SKE48 member Kitahara Rie attended the stage greeting for her first starring movie, ‘Joker Game‘.
Kitahara claims to be a “hare onna” (a woman whose presence causes sunny weather) but was downhearted by the day’s signs of rain. Her co-star Shiramata Atsushi apologized saying, “I’m an ame otoko (a man whose presence causes rain). I’m sorry.” As the cast will also be holding stage greetings in Nagoya and Osaka, Kitahara declared, “I will definitely make it sunny there!
Kitahara, who plays the protagonist ‘Akazawa Chinatsu’ in the survival-game movie, said with a smile, “I would have lost to the pressure if I thought about this being my first lead role. Without thinking about it, I focused on making this movie together with everyone.” She also reflected, “Even if I didn’t do my best, everyone was young and cheerful so we were able to have fun. We all chattered together.
Aside Kitahara and Shiramata, co-stars Takatsuki Sara, Koike Yui, Okubo Shotaro, Negishi Takuya, and Ikura Manami attended the stage greeting.
Source & Photos: Oricon

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