August 2, 2012

Vote for your favorite AKB song to be made into a Music Video!

it was reported on July 31st that fans will be able to vote for an AKB48 song to be made into a music video (MV), and the #1 song in the poll will be made into a brand new MV.
According to sources from KING RECORDS, only songs released by AKB48 and songs that do not already have an MV are eligible for voting. This includes all coupling songs and songs from their performances but do not includes songs from sister groups such as SKE48 or sub-units such as Watariroukahashiritai 7. A voting card will be included in AKB48’s new album “1830m”, due for release on August 15th. The song that receives the most votes will be then made into a brand new MV.
On July 31st, AKB48 producer Akimoto Yasushi posted an entry on his Google+ account that reads, “It sounds interesting to make a new music video for a song that doesn’t have a music video. In that case, why don’t we decide the song through the fans’ vote?” He added, “When we were talking about this, KING RECORDS offered to put the video into an album as bonus footage. Fans, please ask KING RECORDS for further details. I want to make a music video for ‘Only today’. Which song would you like to see being made into a music video?
The MV will be included in AKB48’s 29th single which is planned for a December release. Voting will take place from 8/15 10:00am to 9/20 3:00pm (JST).
What song would you vote for?

Source: Nikkan Sports

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