August 25, 2012

Former HKT48 member Sugamoto Yuko explains her reason for leaving the group

Former HKT48 member Sugamoto Yuko recently uploaded a video on YouTube explaining the true reason for her withdrawal from the group.
The video starts with Sugamoto saying, “I released this video because I wanted to express my gratitude for my fans and explain the reason for quitting from my own mouth.
Sugamoto revealed that there were two reasons for her withdrawal. The first, she explained, “I’m in the last year of high school, and while my friends are deciding on what path to take, I became troubled myself. I felt that I wanted to pursue cooking.
Regarding her second reason, she stated, “First of all, I owe everyone an apology,” and confessed, “I did the wrong thing. That is, I commented a specific fan, and sent a message to another.
Sugamoto then apologized to her fans saying, “I did it with an easygoing feeling. I’m very sorry to have done something to betray everyone who has supported me.
Concerning the rumors on the internet, Sugamoto refuted them saying, “I don’t smoke or drink… I have never gone drinking with a fan, or slept over their place.” Finally she stated, “There are rumors spreading, so I wanted to deny them from my own mouth.
With the sudden withdrawal of 5 members, many are speculating that the other members have quit for the same reasons. “I don’t know the details about the other girls, but I know that they each quit while chasing after their dreams,” she said.

You can check out Sugamoto’s video below.

Source: RBB Today

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