August 17, 2012

150 posters of Maeda Atsuko to decorate Akihabara Station

To commemorate Maeda Atsuko’s upcoming graduation from AKB48, ‘Shuku! AKB48 Sotsugyou Kinen: Maeda Atsuko Poster-ten‘ will be held at JR Akihabara Station.
This “photo exhibition” will feature Maeda’s solo cuts that were used in magazines and other publications during her 7 years since she joined the group in 2005. A total of 150 posters will be displayed in 150 different areas of JR Akihabara Station.
‘Shuku! AKB48 Sotsugyou Kinen: Maeda Atsuko Poster-ten’ will open on August 24th, which is the first day of AKB48’s 3-day Tokyo Dome concert. It will run for 4 days until Maeda’s graduation on August 27th.

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